“You are definitely in the category of people with whom it is a pleasure to do business with!”

- Sophie


Why buy from Private Cellar?

Our customers talk about the benefit of going straight through to someone with impeccable wine knowledge, congratulate us on how quickly we respond to enquiries and queries, comment that they like the fact that our drinking range is tightly focused, so they aren’t forced to wade through hundreds of wines to find one that suits their palates and pockets, and they enjoy our approachable, informed but informal style of communication.

We are a group of individuals who started our careers in an era when personal relationships with both suppliers and customers were important; when personal contact with customers and a bespoke service were the keys to success and long before mass mail shots, impersonal e-mail and “corporate communications” became the order of the day. So, whilst we have embraced all the benefits of modern technology, we have also retained the old-fashioned values that we believe are the cornerstones of building a successful business and if, at any time, you feel that our service falls short of the standards which we aspire to, we hope that you will tell us.

Between us we have clocked up over 160 years of experience, building our careers and knowledge in a range of companies, from the high street to The Queen’s wine merchant and travelled the four corners of the globe, in pursuit of the great wines of the world and meeting international customers. We have been privileged to work with some of the greats of the wine world and to supply collectors with breath-taking collections. This knowledge gives us a great foundation in our endeavour to spot the greats of the future and we are continually enhancing our every day drinking range so that each and each wine on our list represents the best value possible, without compromise.

We don’t rest on our laurels however and if there are wines which don’t meet with your approval, we guarantee to refund you without question or delay and, equally, we are delighted if suppliers, customers and friends come across wines on their travels which they recommend to us. All suggestions are gratefully received and followed up and a number of leads have already led to the inclusion of some superb wines in our portfolio.

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