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"Your email on Friday nudged me to open my first bottle of the Napanook at the weekend. And I was blown away; I thought it was the nicest wine I've drunk for quite a while. I decanted it and it got better and better."

RJ, London

Special Offers

Whether you are looking for the latest vintages from Bordeaux and Burgundy, the Rhône, Germany or futher afield in California and Australia, we hope you will enjoy looking through the latest Private Cellar finds.

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Christmas 2017

Traditions can be comforting at this time of year and, ordinarily, we would now be sending you the top picks of Team Private Cellar for Christmas and the New Year – the wines that we will be sharing and enjoying with our families and friends during the holiday season.

We have, however, come across a small conundrum... We have been merrily adding to our ranks in 2017 and to include all of our recommendations would not only require a tome of an offer but would probably cause a scrap as we all clamoured to secure our favourites, so we’re ringing the changes and offering a selection of wines chosen by you. These wines have been swirled, slurped, tasted and ordered again and again at our tastings across the country and we can’t find a recommendation stronger than the sales figures, so stock up now at these special prices and we will deliver direct to your door. As it happens, they are our favourites too so that’s one more thing ticked off the list!


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Aristea - against the odds
The aim of Aristea is to produce exceptional wines which speak of their terroir and reflect the Cape itself, from its harsh landscape to its raw beauty; even the name, Aristea, reflects one of the many plants found only in the Cape which requires the brutality of fire to allow it to flower on just one day each year. The company owns no vineyards but draws on long-established relationships to source some of the best fruit from around Stellenbosch. It is an extraordinary venture, and if the passion of the partners is anything to go by, it has a great future ahead. Read more...
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