"Je suis ravi de notre collaboration et de savoir que les vins sont toujours très bien représentés par votre belle maison au Royaume Unis."

Pierre Boillot, Domaine Lucien Boillot

Burgundy 2014 En Primeur

We tasted some truly energising wines during our visit to Burgundy in December 2015, wines so delicious that you wanted to sit down and drink them there and then and, even more importantly, at the end of each long day’s tasting we realised that we had not overdosed on bulky tannins and high alcohol, but were still fresh and raring to go – all signs of a classy vintage. Patrick Javillier, in Meursault, went so far as to call 2014 ‘un grand millésime en blanc’ – high praise indeed.

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The Growing Season & Harvest

‘There are no bad vintages; just poor winemakers’ seems to have become the mantra in Burgundy; indeed, 2014 was anything but a bad year, but, by the same token, it was far from straightforward and there was definitely potential to get it wrong. The, by now annual, hail attack devastated vineyards in the Côte de Beaune, with some in Pommard losing their entire crop for the third vintage in a row, and the weather gods were, shall we say, capricious with the timing of heat and water throughout the growing season.

An early start to the season was stopped in its tracks by a cold spell in mid-April, followed by hot weather from mid-May to early June which ensured rapid flowering; however, although warm, dry weather is ideal for flowering, in 2014 some south facing slopes suffered with the extreme heat during this period and their flower set was less regular. The hot spell ended with a bang with a massive hail storm on 28th June which skirted around the south side of the Corton hill, powering through Pommard and touching some crus in Volnay, Meursault and Puligny too. July to mid-August was mixed, but principally cool and fresh, with temperatures below seasonal norms, but then the second half of August warmed up without becoming too hot, and the fine weather lasted right through September allowing harvesting to take place as and when each vineyard was ready with no need to hurry.

The cool early part of the summer caused some concerns, specifically where rot had been trapped mid-bunch as the outer grapes swelled, preventing treatments from penetrating to the inner fruit but rigorous selection, both during picking and then on the sorting tables, as practised by all of our growers, ensured that none of this fruit made it into the vats. Most winemakers limited the amount of post fermentation maceration and punching down (pigeage) that they carried out to avoid extracting any harsh tannins and to maximise the juicy, fresh fruit nature of the berries, and the wines are generally spending less time in barrel than in years gone by.

Yields & Quality Assessment

Yields were, once again, modest or low in 2014, better in the Côte de Nuits than the Côte de Beaune, where there were multiple casualties. Anne Parent in Pommard, one of the hardest hit areas, reckons to have lost 50% of her harvest over six years, or, put another way, to have produced just three proper harvests in that time. Heat at flowering and hail in June all wreaked their damage, but the previous years’ hail storms also had a part to play, with some vines having plenty of lush foliage but no grapes where the earlier years’ hail had damaged buds and wood. As if that weren’t enough, in September there was the most extraordinary invasion of Asian fruit flies – they arrived in clouds, contaminating anything they touched, and then departed; not seen before, and thankfully not seen again in 2015. Some producers assessed that their depredations cost them up to 25% of their production.

These lovely, fresh wines are for mid-term enjoyment, to drink whilst waiting for your 2012s, 2010s and 2009s. Many growers felt that they were unlikely to close down or become awkward for any length of time so you have years of uninterrupted pleasure ahead from the very moment the Bourgognes Blancs are shipped.

Nicola Arcedeckne-Butler MW
January 2016

CLICK HERE To download our offer as a PDF 2014 Burgundy En Primeur - Private Cellar LR.pdf

Please send us a message by clicking here if you would like us to send you a copy by post or email.

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