Médoc, Bordeaux, Les Côtes 2018

Haut Médoc, Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur & Les Côtes 2018

The following wines have been released to date from the Bordeaux 2018 campaign. Please contact us by calling 01353 721 999 if you would like to place an order.

Wine Bts per case £ per case in bond
Château d'Aiguilhe, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2018
Stephan von Neipperg teases out lovely richness here, as ever. It has clear oak finesse balanced by lift and succulence through the palate. The silky texture does a good job of wrapping those tannins up and giving a soft landing to the austerity. Good, perky, hedonistic and juicy. Drink 2022 - 2031 www.decanter.com

12 £185
Château Beaumont, Haut Médoc 2018
Deep black with a really tight nose of black fruits, stalky and sappy with some creamed blackcurrant notes, grilled and rich too, leading to a saline, savoury palate of rich but fresh black fruits with beautifully balanced tannins behind and going to a long, really satisfying, vibrant finish. Lovely wine. Drink 2023-2029

12 £115
Domaine de Cambes, Bordeaux 2018
75% Merlot, 5% Malbec, 20% Cabernet Franc. Dense red black with a deliciously attractive nose of spiced new wood, black cherries, deep dark fruit, really alluring, toasty and rich with a hint of brioche too, so charismatic. Super sweet on the palate, rich and intense on entry, really stunning with lovely balance, and supple, ripe tannins, scarcely visible, layered behind the fruit. A superb wine which will appeal early but live long. Drink 2024-2035

6 £185
Les Champs Libres Blanc Bordeaux 2018
Pale gold with a fabulous nose of intense sauvignon blanc creamed and grilled, really peach and rich, ripe and succulent even on the nose; deliciously mouth-watering on the palate, soft and supple with good tannins behind giving lovely texture in the mouth, sweet and intense yet racy too, fresh, layered, saline, truly wow! Racy and fresh on the finish, so precise with lovely texture and poise. Drink 2022-2030

6 £265
Grand Village Rouge, Bordeaux Supérieur 2018
Restructuring in the vineyard following the deeply damaging 2017 frost has seen Grand Village turn more towards structure than just simple hedonism. Deep purple black with a nose of sweet black fruit, briary, with big musky blackcurrant note, really alluring and slightly feral. On the palate super smooth on entry , again wild black fruits, sweet and intense, really rich, with hints of brioche, ripe and dense, with very substantial, extremely smooth tannins allied with freshness, which was their aim; Baptiste Guinaudeau calls it his ‘velvet flying carpet’. Rich, intense and vibrantly fruited on the finish. This is such great value! Drink 2025-2032+

12 £135
Grand Village Blanc, Bordeaux 2018
75 % Sauvignon blanc, 25% Sémillon. SB comes from Sancerre vines, chosen by massale selection (of the Sauvignon, 50% comes from the Sancerre clones, the balance from ‘boring’ Bordeaux sauvignon). Pale in colour with an initially tight nose of citrus and grapefruit, so far so Bordeaux, then hints of melon, leafy stone fruits, grilled and lemon sherbet too, leading to a deliciously ripe palate with smooth white fruits, intense and creamed, succulently mouth-watering, with beautiful texture going to a long, fresh and almost peachy finish with lovely balance. Amongst the best white Bordeaux we tasted. Drink 2021-2026+

12 £155
Montlandrie, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2018
Denis Durantou. Castillon was one of the successful areas in 2018 with its limestone soils. Deep and dense, semi-opaque with a nose of tight creamed black fruit, some black skinned fruit, spiced yet very tight, with perfume coming out on swirling. On the palate very cool black fruit on entry, poised and precise again, black berries, with lots of fruit and tannins behind, fresh and vibrant and again the substantial alcohol just not visible, going to an initially muted finish which then grows and expands, persisting for several minutes. Drink 2024-2030

6 £94
Perrières de Lafleur, Bordeaux Supérieur 2018
Previously we had Acte, in various instalments, whilst the Guinaudeaus tried to work out which direction the vineyard would go ; finally, in 2018, it has found its way and with its white limestone vineyard they have followed the Burgundian style and called it Perrières. All the plant material is selected from the Lafleur vineyard but the plot itself is in a simple Bordeaux appellation. Principally Bouchet, the old Pomerol name for Cabernet Franc, the vines all date from pre-phylloxera or at least pre-1956 frost, and are a very different beast to the Cabernet Franc of the late 20th Century. Dense black but not opaque with a nose of tight plummy black fruit, rich and intense, with some toasty new wood notes, really alluring; on the palate dense intense black fruits, rich and spiced, savoury too, long and huge but smooth, with a hint of raw cacao, going to a sweet, long, perfumed and spiced on the finish. Supreme. Drink 2027-2035

6 £265
Château Potensac, Médoc 2018
45% Merlot, 36% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Cabernet Franc, 1% Petit Verdot. Dense purple black, semi opaque with a nose of perfumed black fruit with a light stalky, crunchy note, fresh, with more of the same on the palate; initially lacks a bit of generosity in the mid palate, but then fresh and vibrant with substantial tannins, quite marked, and then the fruit comes out on the finish. Drink 2025-2032

12 £220
Roc de Cambes, Côtes de Bourg 2018
80% Merlot, 5% Malbec, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep opaque red black with a nose of really toasty, smoky black fruit, deliciously alluring with notes of black cherry, plums and damson too. Ultra-ripe on the palate, rich and sweet, with fat black fruit and a hint of mocha and spice, some dark chocolate too yet very fresh and poised, a real juxtaposition with its racy fruit and rich intensity. Tannins are substantial and ripe but totally masked by the fruit, and the really long finish has fabulous power and intensity. My unexpurgated note had a record three ‘yums’ scattered throughout. So alluring, it probably won’t be kept for long, but it would benefit from at least ten years in bottle. Drink 2027-2038+

6 £260