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Whether you are looking for the latest vintages from Bordeaux and Burgundy, the Rhône, Germany or futher afield in California and Australia, we hope you will enjoy looking through the latest Private Cellar finds.

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The Petits Châteaux of Bordeaux

These are soul food wines, made by people who are passionate about their inconveniently small plots; growers who have no delusions of grandeur and just want to make the best possible wine and serve it to delighted drinkers. What’s not to like about that? These are wines we can put away for a couple of years and enjoy over kitchen supper, at shoot lunches, watching the news; delicious wines for every day drinking.

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Vintage Port 2017

The Port houses are a restrained lot - declarations of a vintage year happen, on average, three times a decade; universal declarations, when all the houses consider the vintage great, are rarer. It is therefore exceptional, with the release of the 2017s, that we have two universal declarations one year after another – the last time was in the 19th Century. Read more by downloading our offer here.

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Château La Connivence, Pomerol 2018

Ten years on from the first vintage of La Connivence, and Alexandre de Malet Roquefort is still tinkering with the vineyard and the blends, exchanging Merlot clones for better ones, altering the balance between Cabernet and Merlot, and although this is very clearly still a work in progress – what wine isn’t? – the family pedigree shines through. With just 1.1 hectares of vines to play with, Alexandre and his team always have their work cut out, so the contrary 2018 growing season was just one more challenge to be faced and overcome; and overcome it they did. Read more by clicking on the link.

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Château Le Tertre Rotboeuf and the stunning 2018 wines from François Mitjavile 2018

We visit François Mitjavile at Tertre Roteboeuf as often as we can throughout the year and each time he greets us with ever more little nuggets of wisdom about philosophy, art and wine. When we went in June last year, in what turned out to be the first week of sun after the appalling spring, we were treated to a masterclass on vineyards, aspect and soil from the vantage point of the Château’s garden which overlooks the sweeping vineyards of St Laurent des Combes and it brought so much to life. In April this year, we tasted with Nina Mitjavile, François’s daughter – every bit as rapier sharp as her father, her heart is in the Côtes de Bourg at Roc de Cambes so you get a brilliantly different perspective from her father’s. Please note that these wines are on allocation and may have sold out.

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Clos & Petit Cantenac and Château Séraphine 2018 - stunning wines from St Emilion and Pomerol

“Charlotte Krajewski is full of ideas yet respectful of tradition, she is making some incredibly pure, vibrant wines which are all about their terroir.” Since her return from New Zealand in 2017, the wines of Clos Cantenac and Château Séraphine have been made by Charlotte Krajewski, Martin’s daughter. Full of ideas yet respectful of tradition, Charlotte – or Lolly as she is known to her friends – is making incredibly pure, vibrant wines which are all about their terroir. In 2018, the grands vins for both properties are 100% Merlot and, despite being less than five kilometres apart, they couldn’t be more different – a fabulous lesson in why place matters so much.

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Ets Jean-Pierre Moueix 2018

“A huge depth of fruit is underscored by super-ripe, supple tannins and a freshness and elegance which we found missing in many other places; there is a lot of power in the wines yet it is beautifully restrained.” Read more about how and why the Moueix wines form our benchmark in any vintage by clicking on the link to our PDF.

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Bordeaux 2018 - Vintage Report

Faced once again with the prospect of a spectacular vintage – at least the fourth of this current decade – the 2018 Bordeaux harvest requires some rigorous behind-the-scenes investigation to better understand its future. As befits a region which is over 100km from top to bottom and almost as wide, with over 42,000 hectares under vine, there are huge differences in microclimates and localised weather, depending on proximity to the sea, hills and rivers, and in 2018 these differences were starkly evident, with dramatic differences in fortune even within the same commune, depending in part on weather and in part on individual choices during the season and regarding harvest time. Read our full report here.

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Tuscan wines from the great estate of Sassicaia

Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta’s Sassicaia needs little introduction. The estate has been a major player on the international fine wine stage for half a century, crafting wines which have a real sense of place and reflecting beautifully the unique terroir of Bolgheri - no more so than in the 2017 vintage.

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