Loire André Dezat et Fils

No Private Cellar list is complete without an offering of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé from André Dezat et Fils, tried and tested favourites of ours that we will never tire of drinking or recommending.

In our minds, the Loire is the spiritual home of Sauvignon Blanc and despite a wide variety of different styles on offer, you would be hard pushed to top wines from Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. With Sauvignon Blanc vineyards either side of the river, it never ceases to amaze us that the Dezat wines are so very different, guided by both the soils and topography of the area.

The Dezat family has an impressive history as one of the oldest families of vignerons in the Sancerrois, with records going back to 1550. Fast forward to 1948 and André Dezat took over the running of the business, becoming an outspoken advocate for the wines of the region and an important figure in their promotion. Today, three generations of the Dezat family work side by side; Louis and Simon, André’s sons, joined in the 70s, and more recently Arnaud and Firmin, grandsons, are now involved in the business too.

They farm 40 hectares of vines in three sites; Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and Menetou-Salon, appellations that contain over 15 different soil types. Their wines undergo long, cool fermentations and short lees ageing prior to bottling. Their Sancerre is consistently a winner, fresh and steely with notes of gooseberry and blackcurrant leaf, with a lovely, persistent finish – a perfectly poised classic. Their Pouilly-Fumé is slightly more intense than the Sancerre; deeper, weighty, yet retaining the vibrancy and purity we expect from classic Sauvignon Blanc. With a high proportion of flint and gravel in the soils, their Pouilly-Fumé has an extra zip of minerality to it which makes it stand out from the crowd; fresh, racy, intense and with a broadness of fruit behind that makes it the perfect companion to rich fish and shellfish dishes.

There is no greater test than trying two wines from the same grower where the soil is the only differentiating factor, and the wines from the Dezat family illustrate these differences perfectly. We encourage you to compare them at home and see for yourself

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